Uri Shani's Organ workshop

in Yuvalim

founded by Gideon Shamir

You can visit the only workshop for pipe-organs in Israel, in Yuvalim, Galilee. The visit is a unique experience in a wonderful world of music, history, and craft. The workshop is also a visitor center, and we welcome the public for different events. The pipe-organ was born here, in the Middle-East, 2300 years ago, and a visit at our place is interesting not only for musicians, and not only for Christians.

Uri Shani, 052-3317154

Diana Blaetter wrote an article about us: https://www.israel21c.org/tales-from-the-heart-passing…/

We offer: "Coffee with organ" – a short guide, in words and pictures, in the history of the pipe-organ, its mechanics, and our personal stories, and a short concert, "Movies and organs" – scenes from 100 years of pipe-organs in the history of cinema, and a short concert. "the Jewish pipe-organ" – a short guide through two hundred years of the tradition pipe-organ on synagogues, and a short concert.  

Prices: Single – 40 NIS, 20 – 700 NIS, Group of 30 – 1000 NIS, Group of 40 – 1200 NIS

We have ample parking, clean toilets, air-conditioning, and tea and coffee is included. Next door is a baker. We advise you to include in the visit (60-90 minutes) with a visit or two in the region, for example: Dalia Meiri's sculpture park, or Yodfat.

In 2017 visited Kathleen Holyoak Gideon Shamir: http://theholyoaksintheholyland.blogspot.com/2016/02/gideon-shamir-organ-builder-in-haifa.html

And here is youtube from the year 2010:

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